Halloween party madness

Halloween party madness 
By Walter Ang
October 25, 2006
Philippine Daily Inquirer

So you're tired of the same old Halloween party themes where everyone puts red liptstick on their chins and runs around screaming, "Blood! I have blood running down my chin!" Pretending to be monsters, vampires, fairies and pirates sure are a fun way for us to let our hair down but they can get a little trite. For a change this year, try out some of these alternative themes.

Run, Tagpi, run! 
Want the chance to scream, "Hayop ka!" to your friends? Fun and animal welfare consciousness come together when you organize an endangered-species party. Guests must announce the scientific name of the animal that their costume represents followed by "Save the (common name)!" For example, "Pithecophaga jeffreyii! Save the Philippine Eagle!"

Endangered human species like "honest politician" or "intelligent person" are not allowed. As a twist, you can just have an cartoon-animals--only party where barkadas must have a theme such as Sanrio characters, Disney characters or Hanna-Barbera characters. Use of real animal skin, fur, feathers, scales and what- have-you is strictly prohibited.

Your days are numbered. 
Mathletes of the world, unite! Who says braniacs can't have fun? Get inspiration from the educational television show "Math-tinik," and stage your very own fraction party. Yes, fractions! Everyone must come as their favorite fraction. Wear it on your head, splash it across your shirt, come in color coded patches where one color is the numerator and the other color is the denominator, the possibilities are endless!

Keep the non-math fans at bay by requesting everyone to reduce their costume's fraction to the equivalent lowest term. If they can't compute, they're not true math fans.

Attack of the killer tomatoes.
Admit it. Whenever you see little preschool children dressed up as vegetables for their classroom play on healthy foods, deep down inside your heart of hearts, there is a little quivering tinge of regret. Oh how you wish you had raised your hand all those years ago when your very own teacher asked for volunteers.

What are you waiting for then? Throw a vegetable-costumes-only party. Finally, you now have a reason to dress up as a giant eggplant. No pressure of being graded either! For bonus fun, try using real vegetables as part of your costume. You can start eating your costume in the middle of the party and scream, "I'm becoming a cannibal!"