Kitchie and Barbie in back-to-back concert

Kitchie and Barbie in back-to-back concert 
By Walter Ang
November 8, 2006
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Barbie Almabis and Kitchie Nadal recently performed back-to-back for the first time, albeit only a handful of selected people got to see the performance. The two musicians actually headlined a private concert for 19-year old Veron Samonte and forty of her friends and family.

A 19-year old nursing student from Kestergard College, Veron was treated to a free private concert as her winning prize in Sunsilk's "Great Hair Day" promo. Used to taking care of other people as part of her academic tranining, Veron said she enjoyed having the tables turned. "[The Sunsilk staff] made me feel special," she said. "Up until the concert ended, they gave me and my friends VIP treatment."

The concert was held at the intimate Teatrino Hall in Greenhills Promenade where a dinner buffet was also served to the guests. "I've always loved rock bands," exclaimed Veron. "That's why it was such a treat to watch Barbie and Kitchie sing their wonderful songs, just for me!"

As a bonus, Veron was even invited onstage by the two musicians to jam with them in a cover of Erasherheads' "Ligaya." And to think that Veron didn't initially believe that she had won. "It was too-good-to-be-true," revealed. When she was finally convinced that it was no hoax, she wasted no time in inviting her friends. "They said that I'm really lucky. I've never won anything in raffles or that sort of thing. Yup, winning Sunsilk's contest makes me a lucky girl."

In addition to the free concert, part of Veron's prize included outfits from Genevieve Gozum and shoes from Celine as well as a make-over package from David's Salon.

The Sunsilk "Great Hair Days" promo is still ongoing. Participating partners include Jollibee, Celine, Cinderella, Nafnaf, National Bookstore, YRYS, 99 Store, David's Salon, Netopia, Dunkin Donuts, Kamera World, Western Union, Odyssey, Toby's Sports, Super Ferry, Sari-Sari Store, Genevive Gozum, Marcela, SWATCH, and RRJ.

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