Not just a camera phone: Sony Ericsson K800i

Not just a camera phone: Sony Ericsson K800i 
By Walter Ang
November 29, 2006
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Apart from the K800's dandy camera capabilities, it's also packed with multimedia capabilities and lots of features that lets the user maximize wireless connectivity.

It's capable of 3G video calling as well as internet access. For insta-info junkies, it has a built in RSS reader. RSS, or Real Simple Syndication, is a way to find out the latest updates of a website (for example new entries from a blog, the latest articles from a news site or even emails from a Yahoogroup) without actually visiting the website. Instead, links to the newest articles are sent to your RSS reader.

The camera is also integrated with software so that you can send your photos to your account. If you don't have an existing account (like, the phone will create one for you. It also allows you to edit photos (cropping and such) as well as add text before uploading to the web.

With 64 MB (megabyte) of memory, you can store up to 2,500 numbers. If you're using another brand and want to transfer your phone book entries, one way to do it is to sync your phone to Microsoft Outlook first and then sync the info to your K800i.

On the other hand, you can also store video files or up 124 photos at the highest picture setting. You can upgrade to Sony Ericsson's Memory Stick Micro M2 which provides another 1 GIG (gigabyte) of memory. This memory stick format is new to the market, so let's hope they incorporate it into other Sony Ericsson and Sony products for best long-term value.

The unit comes with headphones that have an FM radio tuner built in. The phone can be plugged into a speaker unit (sold separately) if you want to party. Using Bluetooth, you can control your phone remotely while transferring music files from your laptop or computer. The phone comes bundled with a USB 2.0 cable for more conventional file transfers. It also infrared-capable and can stream MPEG4 and Real video.

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