Roxanne Guinoo: Galloping to ibe an icon

Roxanne Guinoo: Galloping to ibe an icon 
By Walter Ang
June-August 2007 issue
Asian Dragon Magazine

A young, nubile lass in a scarlet bikini astride a white horse. Ah, the seminal icon that has long been associated with a brand of whiskey called White Castle. Women who have filled the role include such names as Carmi Martin, Cristina Gonzales, Glydel Mercado, Angela Velez, Maria Isabel Lopez, Lorna Tolentino, and Techie Agbayani.

And now, the newest White Castle girl has finally been chosen. Among many who auditioned, Roxanne Guinoo was handed the reins. After her initial euphoria upon hearing the news of her selection, she promptly got down to the business of learning to ride a horse.

"I was really excited and, at the same time, nervous," she says. Despite visits to vacation spots known for horse-riding like Baguio and Tagaytay, she'd never ridden one before. "It was really a challenge since I didn't have any experience."

Not one to back down from an obstacle, Roxanne learned to ride, without a saddle no less, in all of ten days. "It's funny because I never fell off [the horse] until our last day of training, but I guess it's really part of learning."

"My parents taught me the virtue of hard work and that I have to do things whole heartedly. That's why in everything I do, I put my 100% so I'll be able to do whatever is expected of me," she says. To look her best for the shooting of the commercial, "I tried to maintain a strict diet and went to the gym regularly."

Aside from her guts and determination, she credits her instructor Rebecca Dosch for her newfound riding skills. "She is the perfect trainor! She was very professional and focused on teaching me the basics. She made it a point that I understood whatever she teaches. And if it were not for her, I wouldn't have been able to do it well. I'm very thankful that she appreciates my eagerness to learn."

It also helped that she was given a good partner. Roxanne is all praises for Djina, the mare she learned to ride on and the same horse she shot the commercial with. "She's very nice and accommodating."

Currently one of the hosts of the popular lunchtime television show "Wowowee," Roxanne has a heavy schedule filled with rehearsals, photo shoots, tapings, and preparations to be part of a new teleserye. Through it all, she is fueled by the support of her family. "My family serve as my greatest inspiration. They are very supportive in whatever I do. My family is what keeps me going and give me the drive to fulfill my dreams."

Asked if she would accept if she were asked to perform in a movie with Djina as her co-star, she replied without batting an eyelash, "Of course! I love Djina and I had a lot of fun working with her."