Positive in, positive out: Philips health and wellness gadgets and appliances

Positive in, positive out: health and wellness gadgets and appliances
By Walter Ang
June 29, 2010
Philippine Daily Inquirer

In computer programming, there is the concept of "garbage in, garbage out." This means if you input incorrect data into a program, obviously, the results won't be any good. This is an appropriate analogy for our own bodies and lives as well.

Of course, the opposite holds true. Philips launched several products in Boracay, in an event dubbed "Wellness in Paradise," to show how its diverse line of health and wellness electronic products can help Filipinos put more positive elements into their lives.

The line-up of products began with Philips Go Gear MP3 players. "It's important to have some time to yourself, either when you're relaxing at home or while going to work or when you're in a crowded area, if you're listening to your favorite music, it can give you a bit of an escape" said Victor Caindec, senior business development manager of Philips Consumer Lifestyle Philippines.

The Go Gear players come with Philips In-Ear Headphones that has rubber tubular earpieces that cuts out a surprising amount of ambient noise, courtesy of an angled acoustic design based on the anatomy of the human ear. The speaker tubes conform to individual ear canal shapes to deliver sound directly to the ears while creating a snug seal to block out noise. For comfort, the ear caps are made from ultra-soft silicon and have interchangeable sizes.

Relaxation in
As more and more urbanites join weekend fun runs and sporting events, the Philips InfraCare infrared lamp can be a handy home-based salve for sores and aches. "It comes with a 300 watt infrared halogen lamp to provide deep penetrating warmth to relieve muscular pains and stiff joints," said Caindec.

The comfortable warmth created by infrared light penetrates deep into the skin allowing muscles to loosen up and relax. The warmth also increases blood circulation, sending oxygen-rich blood to stressed or aching muscles.

The Infracare's angle can be adjusted to treat areas such as the shoulder and neck, the lower back, a thigh or an arm. It also comes with a digital timer to set your own personal treatment time.

Nutrition in
"Nutrition is one of the most important elements in keeping healthy," said Caindec as he showcased the Philips Rice Cooker with Artificial Intelligence and the Philips Aluminum Collection Blender.

The rice cooker has automatic cooking programs to control the right cooking temperature to better preserve freshness and nutrition. The extra-thick non-stick inner pot ensures even results and prevents burned rice at the bottom. It comes with a timer for busy moms who can preset the rice to start cooking while they're on their way home from work.

Singles will appreciate the cooker's dedicated program for cooking small portions while parents whose children are leaving for college in a few weeks might want to think about giving them this cooker since it comes with preset programs for congees, stews, and, surprise, cakes!

The blender features a 750 watt motor, which can handle fruits and vegetables to ice, and a multi-speed function that allows users to blend, crush and cut to almost any consistency they want.

"It has a filter to separate seeds and pips and a special smoothie function for homemade smoothies. It's cheaper to buy your own fruits and other ingredients and you can control the amount of sugar or syrup you add into your concoctions," he says. "You can even add alcohol to your drinks occasionally," he adds with a laugh.

Inner and outer glow
Music for better disposition, relaxed muscles for fluid movement, and good food for better nutrition: a healthy body will radiate an outer glow. But it doesn't hurt to get a little help when it comes to personal grooming.

For the ladies, Philips has the Ladyshave Body Contour electric shaver that closely follows the curves of the body, "allowing you to shave and trim to perfection on even the most sensitive areas without running the risk of cuts and nicks." It has a bikini trim attachment and can be used dry or wet in the shower.

For gentlemen (and ladies who need gift ideas for the men in their lives), there is the Philips Arcitec electric shaver. It has three independently flexing heads that swivel to "ensure optimum skin contact in curved areas like the neck." This shaver can also be used dry and wet.

"We want Filipinos to know that Philips provides the best electronic products for your lifestyle and for your health and wellness," said Caindec. "It's all about bringing comfort, convenience and pleasure to the lives of our customers. We want to show how Philips can add to the enjoyment of one's life."

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