Pretty, pampered and picture perfect at Organic Rituals Spa

Pretty, pampered and picture perfect
By Walter Ang
July 19, 2010
Manila Bulletin

When Nikki Angangco was pregnant, she still wanted to look pretty and be pampered. Her search for a nail polish that would be safe enough for pregnant women to use soon gave way to another kind of birth. Angangco teamed up with Katrina Armamento, a friend from college, and established Organic Rituals Spa.

Tucked into the mezzanine of a building in Greenhills, "More than just a regular spa, it's a lifestyle of environmental consciousness," Angangco says. "We believe beauty should be in harmony with nature at all times. We offer a broad range of soothing earth-friendly services."

To this end, Organic Rituals uses natural and organic essential oils, soaks, scrubs and lotions in their massage and body treatments. Even the aroma oils used in the reed diffusers in their treatment areas are all natural.

Vegan and non-toxic
For better looking and hydrated hands and feet, Organic Rituals uses only vegan and non-toxic nail polishes for their manicures and pedicures.

They carry the Zoya line which does not contain toluene, camphor, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate?chemicals that are harmful to the body. And, yes, this brand is safe enough for pregnant women to wear. They also carry the Sparituals line which uses organic vegan ingredients and are naturally colored and free of synthetic dyes.

Clients have a variety of choices for colors that range from sheers and pastels to dark, vampy tones, in matte and glossy finishes. They also get to bring home the single-use mani-pedi implements for their own personal use.

Waist loss
The spa has a "Waist-Loss" program that promises a loss of up to three inches off the waist while reducing body fat and weight, banishing belly bloat and polishing dull skin.

The spa owners commissioned this exclusive detox program from a US-certified fitness nutritionist and weight loss specialist. The program is comprised of a week-long diet that culminates with a whole day at the spa to relax and rejuvenate the body.

For four to six days, clients go through a nutritionally balanced, additive-free and hypoallergenic diet plan filled with foods rich in phytonutrients (to aid in flushing out toxins) and antioxidants (to reduce inflammation and bloating).

"Then you escape for a whole day at Organic Rituals where you are lavished with detoxifying and slimming body treatments while being served yummy and nutritious meals and drinks in between treatments," Armamento says. "Isn't that a great way to lose weight?"

The day begins with a detox steam in a personal mini-tent that leaves the arms free for reading magazines or even surfing the web using the spa's free wireless internet. A coffee scrub follows, where the scrub's caffeine and antioxidants help slim and detoxify the body while exfoliating the skin.

A Puff Buster Facial is followed by a hot shower using the spa's organic shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Then, to stimulate the liver and gall bladder to release toxins, the Belly Buster Coffee Enema is performed. "The caffeine stimulates your intestines to contract and loosen any waste that's accumulated along the walls of the colon," says Angangco.

Concluding the series of treatments is their Bloat Banishing Massage, a lymphatic drain massage that stimulates the lymphatic system into eliminating metabolic waste products, excess fluid and bacteria.

"Clients usually take the `waist-loss' program prior to a big occasion like a wedding or a photo shoot or any public appearance for a special event," she adds. "But anyone can do it any time just to detox. It can also be used to jumpstart a weight-loss program or break a weight-loss plateau."

For those inclined to just drop in for a quick escape from the stress of daily life, the spa's most popular massage is its signature Dream Weaver massage. It combines four styles and disciplines: Swedish, shiatsu, Hawaiian lomi-lomi, and sports massage.

"Our nail technicians and certified massage therapists follow international spa standards and procedures," Armamento says. "They are well-educated in analyzing skin and nail conditions and will recommend the best treatment fit for each client."

Of course, it's more fun to get pampered when friends or family are doing it together, which is why the spa offers sparties in its spacious living room setting. The high white walls provide an expansive, airy atmosphere while several oversized specially-designed couches, lounges and ottomans anchor the room. Three body massage cubicles maintain privacy with swathes of ceiling-to-floor gold curtains.

The sparty packages includes three hours exclusive use of the spa, 20 nail spa and massage treatments, souvenir gift items for all guests, as well as food prepared by The Sexy Chef, the catering service run by singer Rachel Alejandro and her sister Chef Barni.

There are four different themes to choose from. The Zen package features food such as California maki while the Oriental package includes Shanghai chicken meatballs. Veggies with hummus dip are served for the Mediterranean package, while the Continental package serves healthy mini-burgers.

Organic Rituals Spa is at Atlanta Centre, 31 Annapolis St., Greenhills. Call 661-3101.

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