This Stock Market (restaurant) feels bullish again

This Stock Market feels bullish again
By Walter Ang
May 26, 2011
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Stock Market restaurant has reopened under the management of The Bistro Group of Restaurants, the same operator of casual dining restaurant chains TGI Friday's, Italianni's, Fish & Co., Flapjacks, Krazy Garlik, Pig Out and Billy Rock.

The look has been refurbished a bit. Fans of the TV cooking show "Barefoot Contessa" may find the interiors familiar: white-washed walls, large windows that allow sunlight to wash into the dining area, and even striped faux-awnings?elements that evoke a crisp Hamptons-style aesthetic.

Dashes of muted earth tones (green, beige and brown) have been added to the still predominantly white color-scheme to provide warmth and to further enhance the tropical flair that has always been in the design, courtesy of wicker chairs and the pineapple motifs interspersed in the floor tiles, framed prints across the walls, and even real ones (small baby pineapples) used as shelving and table accents.

The central shelf-display of fresh produce has been moved to the side of the ice cream counter, maintaining somewhat the (former) deli look-and-feel while opening up the space for more seating areas.

In addition to patio seating for dining al fresco (all the better to people watch with?and the people watching is part of what makes Bonifacio High Street what it is anyway), two function rooms are available for corporate and social functions.

"Stock Market offers an eclectic selection of simple yet flavorful dishes that accentuate the use of fresh ingredients," says operations vice president Jean Paul Manuud. "Choices range from light salads and appetizers to hearty entrees and indulgent desserts."

There is a revamped beverage list of freshly squeezed juices, fruit shakes, and specialty drinks that are meant to be good for the body: Ginger Lemonade, Celery and Pineapple Crusher, Surfing Cucumber, Malunggay Citrus and Ampalaya Cooler.

Light eaters and vegetarians can try the Stock Market Harvest Salad, a mix of romaine lettuce with candied walnuts, fresh fruits, a wedge of pineapple and tossed with pineapple vinaigrette dressing.

"When you the see words 'must try' and the pineapple icon in our menu, you'll know that these are the house specialties," he says.

There's also an array of seafood dishes, in keeping with the by-the-beach-at-the-Hamptons feel.

In addition to clam chowder and shrimp salad, appetizers include Salmon Carpaccio, thin shavings of raw salmon drizzled with olive oil, lemon juice, capers and black olives in arugula leaves; Salmon and Spinach Dip, four cheeses blended with salmon and served with toasted Tuscan bread; Mussels Mariniere, steamed mussels in garlic, butter, olive oil, white wine and chili flakes; Escargot, vineyard snails baked in seasoned garlic butter; and Maryland Crab, breaded crab cake with aioli and basil pesto.

For entrees, there's a dish that originated from a city in the coast opposite the Hamptons (San Francisco), Cioppino Seafood Stew, a combination of fish and shellfish in a tomato base sauce. There are also clam-based pasta dishes and grilled, pan-seared or batter-fried pesco dishes.

You can ask for steak prepared Oscar Style, with crab meat, asparagus and BĂ©arnaise sauce. There's also the Angus Burger with Grilled Pineapple, made with half a pound of US Angus beef patty topped with a slice of fresh pineapple and cheese served with pickles and sliced potatoes.

For dessert, there is the Pineapple Fruit Boat, a pineapple "boat" loaded with assorted fresh fruits served with whipped cream on the side.

There are, of course, other non-seafood options that feature the other proteins (chicken, beef and pork) in various manners of preparation. Also, there is a Kids Menu for those with children who aren't ready to try out new foods yet (and for adults who occasionally need familiar comfort food): Mac & Cheese, Lollipop Chicken, Spaghetti and Meatballs and Honey Chicken Fingers.

Families or barkadas who use the Bistro Group's BFF (Bistro Frequent Foodie) discount card and are familiar with their other restaurants now have an option that's, say, less playful then sporty TGI Fridays or a little more refined than rustic Italianni's.

"And what could make guests more at home than the signature Bistro Group service?" he says. "Our friendly and efficient wait staff will always warmly welcome diners."

Stock Market is at Quadrant 3, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City Development, Taguig City. Contact 8566301 or

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