Reviews written by Walter Ang

Wit, pathos and pointed questions in 'Flipzoids'
GodInUs Productions

Tacky, kitschy, gaudy and fabulous queens
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
Resorts World Manila's Full House Theater Company

'Rak of Aegis' -- fitful narrative, heart-rending music
Rak of Aegis
Philippine Educational Theater Association (Peta)

'Wait Until Dark' -- sensual, suspenseful, tightly cast show
Wait Until Dark
Repertory Philippines

'Maxie The Musicale' -- long and loud, but heartwarming
Maxie the Musicale
Bit by Bit Productions

'Der Kaufmann: Ang Negosyante ng Venecia'--terror made all too real
Der Kaufmann: Negosyante ng Venetia (Merchant of Venice)
Tanghalang Pilipino

The mirror has two maids in Jean Genet's play
The Maids

Pinky Amador is a powerful Piaf
Atlantis Productions

Tight, fun, lighthearted -- Peta scores again with 'D' Wonder Twins of Boac'
D' Wonder Twins of Boac (Twelfth Night)
Philippine Educational Theater Association (Peta)

Review of Tanghalang Pilipino's 'Ibalong'
Tanghalang Pilpino

thoughts on two awit-based productions: tanghalang ateneo's "sintang dalisay" and gantimpala theater's "florante at laura"
Sintang Dalisay (Romeo and Juliet)
Tanghalang Ateneo
Florante at Laura
Gantimpala Theater

thoughts on atlantis productions' "god of carnage"
God of Carnage
Atlantis Productions

BOOK REVIEW: Edward Jones' 'The Known World'

thoughts on layeta bucoy and tuxqs rutaquio's translation and adaptation of "titus andronicus"
Tinarantadong Asintado (Titus Andronicus)
Dulaang Unibersidad ng Pilipinas (Dulaang UP)

Review of Philippine Educational Theater Association's "Care Divas"
Care Divas
Philippine Educational Theater Association (Peta)
for Journal of Asian Perspectives in the Arts and Humanities

thoughts on "sweet charity" and "noli me tangere"
Sweet Charity
9 Works Theatrical
Noli Me Tangere
Tanghalang Pilipino

thoughts on george de jesus' translation and direction of "titus andronicus"
Titus Andronicus
De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts

OPINION: thoughts on GT's rizal-novels plays 2011
Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo
Gantimpala Theater Foundation

Eating Spanish Shakespeare: Review of La Fura dels Baus' Titus Andronicus
Titus Andronicus (in Catalan Spanish)
La Fura dels Baus

thoughts on floy quintos' "fake"
University of the Philippines Playwright's Theatre (UPPT)

thoughts on peta's "care divas"
Care Divas
Philippine Educational Theater Association (Peta)

thoughts on dulaang laksambayanan's "may pakpak ang oras at iba pang dula ni david ives"
May Pakpak ang Oras at iba pang Dula ni David Ives (Time Flies and Other Plays by David Ives)
Dulaang Laksambayanan

thoughts on up decl's "screen: macbeth"
Reel Macbeth (Macbeth)
University of the Philippines' Dept. of English and Comparative Literature

Campus productions tackle cruel nature of life, memory, death
Alimuom / Walang Maliw
University of the Philippines Departamento ng Filipino at Panitikan ng Pilipinas
Information for Foreigners
Univeristy of the Philippines Dept. of English and Comparative Literature
Shock Value
Dulaang Unibersidad ng Pilipinas

American Hwangap -- charming, funny and fuzzy
American Hwangap
Tanghalang Pilipino

Orosman at Zafira is rousing and (who knew?) fun
Orosam at Zafira
Dulaang Unibersidad ng Pilipinas

Explosive play sends up elections, power politics
Haring T-ubul (Ubu Roi)
Sipat Lawin Ensemble

A tour-de-force Tatlong Mariya
Tatlong Mariya (Three Sisters)
Tanghalang Pilipino

Theater of the young, the here, the now
2010 National University and College Theater Festival

Wholesome and then some: Savyon Liebrecht's 'Apples from the Desert' and Frank Wedekind's 'Lulu'
Apples from the Desert
Tanghalang Pilipino
Dulaang Unibersidad ng Pilipinas (Dulaang UP)

Repertory Philippines stages Joaquin's 'Portrait of an Artist as Filipino' 
Portrait of an Artist as Filipnio
Repertory Philippines

Review of Tanghalang Pilipino's "Golden Child"
Golden Child
Tanghalang Pilipino

Ballet Philippines' 'La Revolucion' is poignant and powerful
La Revolucion
Ballet Philippines

Art Theater Clinique's 'Pinter Plays' is disturbing and exciting
Pinter Plays
Art Theatre Clinique

Gossip Boy makes trouble: Tanghalang Ateneo stages Shakespeare's 'Otelo'
Otelo (Othello)
Tanghalang Ateneo

'Tosca,' Asian style, by Philippine Educational Theater Association
Philippine Educational Theater Association (Peta)

Virginal, indeed: Review of 4th Virgin Labfest 2008
4th Virgin Labfest (2008)
Writers' Bloc, Tanghalang Pilipino, Cultural Center of the Philippines

A prince's final fantasy: Repertory Philippines' 'Hamlet'
Repertory Philippines

No Toothaches Only Smiles 
Tuesdays with Morrie
Repertory Philippines

Celebrating Family Ties
Fiddler on the Roof
Repertory Philippines

A Multi-Layered Philippines 
Atlantis Productions

Heavy, uneven 'Mulan'
Tanghalang Pilipino

Distilling Dulaang UP's 'Hamlet'
Dulaang Unibersidad ng Pilipinas (Dulaang UP)

Ghosts in the toilet, skeletons in the closet
Bakeretta (Ghost Operetta)
Tanghalang Pilipino

Rumors, facts and humor 
Yun na nga! (Kung yun na nga) [It is so! (If you think so)]
Tanghalang Pilipino

Ruby of a Rubio 
Ang Romansa ni Magno Rubio (The Romance of Magno Rubio)
Tanghalang Pilipino

Women and war onstage: Lysistrata and Trojan Women
Dulaang Unibersidad ng Pilipinas (Dulaang UP)
Troyanas (Trojan Women)
Tanghalang Pilipino

The Enemy Wears Floral Prints 
Enemy of the People
Tanghalang Ateneo

Sex, lies and swordplay 
Don Juan: Ang Babaero ng Sevilla (Playboy of Seville)
Tanghalang Ateneo

Horror music, live! 
Carmina Burana
Ballet Philippines

R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) and Ang Unos (The Tempest)
Philippine High School for the Arts

Liar, liar, pants on fire
Ang Sinungaling (The Liar)
Tanghalang Pilipino

Love-spurned soldier stabs wanton sex goddess 
Tanghalang Pilipino

Dulaang Talyer tweaks two plays
Mga Kwento Ni Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Short Stories by Gabriel Garia Marquez)
Speaking in Tongues
Dulaang Talyer

Review of Mother Tongue
Mother Tongue
Actors' Actors

Gems of Filipino Theater for the Year 2000

Macbeth in multimedia
Makbet (Macbeth)
Tanghalang Pilipino

Little Red is a hood 
Peter and the Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood
Manila Youth Symphony Orchestra

Love What You Will, How You Will 
Kung Ano'ng Ibigin (Twelfth Night)
Tanghalang Ateneo

The horror! The horror! I now enjoy ballet
Ballet Manila

Count more than six senses
Ang Dalawang Buhay ni Plaridel
Philippine Educational Theater Association